What Is A Real RV Show?

The Real RV Show

The reason we say Real is because over the years there has been a lot of confusion about what an RV Show represents. Sure, every time a single dealer or a couple of dealers set up in a parking lot and spend a lot of money on advertising their RV Show, they are actually showing RV’s. The difference is, they are trying to give the impression of a competitive environment when the truth is they are actually limiting your choices.

A REAL RV Show has a third party promoter that tries to get as many dealers and products as possible, making a truly competitive marketplace where you the consumer has more choices and dealers that must compete for your business.

A REAL RV Show will charge a nominal admission, this is the reason the promoter assembles all the different dealers and offers the seminars etc. And by charging admission and having lots of dealers it spreads out the costs of advertising, insurance, security and rental of the grounds. At a parking lot show with one or a couple of dealers they have to cover these expenses and there is only ONE way, to charge more for their products. That is why we call it a “Real” RV Show because the competition for your business is Real.

We aren’t the only Real RV Show, there are a couple of others in California, we just like to think we are the best.